So long, farewell.

June 25, 2012

Embarrassingly, and irresponsibly, I have neglected this blog.  

I have joyously and with much pride graduated from Smith College!  Commencement weekend was a sight to behold… we had gorgeous weather, Jane Lynch spoke to my classmates, I won a prize at Ivy Day, and many hugs were given and received.

I’m thrilled to be moving on to the next chapter of my life, and with much sadness but readiness I left Smith… but, with the knowledge that it will always be there for me.

During Commencement weekend — which was also the Reunion weekend for many returning alumnae — I was truly awed by the amazing network that consistently calls our Northampton campus a home.  I met impressive, game-changing women who had returned to Smith five, ten, fifteen years after their own commencements and still marched about with the same sense of ownership that they had while they were students.  I am so excited to be a part of that network.

Alumnae!  That lovely word that is now inclusive of ME.

To my readers, entering Class of 2016ers, prospective students… 

Please, feel free to continue to ask me questions about Smith — but if you do so, I urge you to not ask them anonymously.  I will happily answer questions privately, but because I have just finished my time as a student, this marks the end of my public posts.  Next year will bring a new crop of blogging Smithies, and you can find the links to many others’ continuing Tumblrs on the admission website.


Smith College ‘12 


April 10, 2012


Readership, I am sorry to not have posted recently!  Enjoy, and stay tuned for updates soon - I promise!

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March 29, 2012

Anonymous said: Asking this twice just in case it didn't go through the first time. If the *only* thing I submitted financial-aid-wise when I applied was my FAFSA and I never got any notice of what my aid package would be because I still have a ton of documents left to submit, does this mean that my chances of getting a merit scholarship are shot? Should I contact the Financial Aid Office?

Thanks for your question!  

I’ve been getting several inquiries about financial aid packages and merit scholarships.  Here’s the scoop from what I know:

For questions about your personalized aid package, my best suggestion would be to contact the Financial Aid office, and to submit all your remaining documents ASAP.  They’ll have everything on file and can answer questions related to your specific package!

About merit scholarships: all merit scholarship notifications have already been sent, so if it wasn’t noted in your admit letter, that unfortunately means you haven’t been selected for one.  BUT — and I’m not really sure if I can emphasize this enough — your admission to Smith is such an honor on its own!  Merit scholarships are extremely competitive (seriously… less than 5% of all students here have merit scholarships), which is really saying something at a school whose admission process is already super competitive!  I just spoke with an Admission Officer who informed me that this year’s class was the most competitive class in 25 years, and we had the highest number of applications EVER.  Your admission to Smith is a significant acknowledgement of your own merit, and I congratulate you!


March 26, 2012

Anonymous said: Do merit based scholarship awards come with your admissions letter?

Hi there!  Thanks for your question.  Yes, all offers for merit-based scholarships are included in your acceptance letter, but don’t fret if you didn’t receive one!  A very, very small percentage of admitted students are offered merit-based scholarships, and in my personal opinion, an acceptance from Smith is quite laudable on its own.  If you’ve been admitted to Smith, congrats!

I also recently received a question about financial aid information, from someone who asked if international students (and, this applies to all students) will learn about their financial aid packages from the official letter of admission rather than through BannerWeb.

Yes, this is correct — no financial aid information is released online, but it will be included in your official letter of acceptance.  However, if you would like to find out sooner than the time it takes for the letter to arrive in the mail, you may always contact the Student Financial Services office.



March 24, 2012

What a happy day for all of you who have heard about your admittance to Smith!  Congratulations, and welcome to all those who will be joining the Class of 2016.

I hope you all choose Smith!  Feel free to ask me anything about Smith as you make your decisions.

P.S. Here’s a tip — if you’d like me to answer your questions in a private message, be sure to "ask" using your Tumblr username! :)  


March 15, 2012

Anonymous said: I have applied to the Smith College for the fall 2012. When will we know about the admission? Thanks --h

Hi there!  Letters for the Class of 2016 will go out around April 1, if not earlier.  In the meantime, check out my tips on what to do while waiting to hear back from colleges!

Here at Smith, it’s one more day until spring break, which I am eagerly awaiting.  Happy almost spring!  Wahoo!


March 10, 2012
Beautiful full moon.  Sorry for not being a better poster, everyone.  I will have some new content up soon!  Happy one week until spring break!

Beautiful full moon. Sorry for not being a better poster, everyone. I will have some new content up soon! Happy one week until spring break!

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March 2, 2012



February 25, 2012

Anonymous said: I got into Smith, Early Decision, 2016. When can I expect to hear back about entering the housing lottery, choosing classes, etc? Thanks!

Congratulations!  (I applied ED, too.)

Housing: There will be a housing survey available on Bannerweb probably once all admitted student decisions are made, which is around the end of March. This seems far away!  I promise, the time will go more quickly.  

Choosing classes: You’re going to hate me for this one.  You don’t choose classes until… wait for it… you arrive at Smith.  In fact, first year students don’t technically register for courses until the day or two days before your actual first day of class in September.  BUT, if you check out the course catalogue online, you’ll find all classes listed from the past seven years or so.  Fall 2012 courses should be posted in about a month (give or take) from now.  I strongly suggest that you wait until you arrive at Smith for orientation to try to construct any kind of schedule for the fall.  You still have the entire spring semester of senior year ahead of you!  ENJOY it!!

For other folks who applied ED and are anxiously waiting:

Check out my list from my post titled, “HELLO” for tips on ways to pass the time during your senior spring semester.

Or, you could do what I did and COMPLETELY MEMORIZE THE SMITH COLLEGE CAMPUS MAP.  This way, you can come to Smith in August and astound all of your housemates by immediately knowing the fastest routes to any given building on campus.  Just kidding  (… kind of).

And remember, don’t forget to do your homework!  :)


February 25, 2012

Anonymous said: I have a few questions. If 2 students already got in ED from my school, how does that affect my chances, if at all? What is the day decisions are released? (is it April 1st or a bit before?) I'm hoping to get in! :)

Hi there!  Contrary to common belief, every applicant to Smith is considered based on individual applications, and not in comparison to how many other students from your school also have applied or been admitted.  In short, there is no such thing as a quota for students from any particular high school.  

As for your second question, you can expect to hear from Smith in late March.  April 1st is a good date to estimate acceptance notices (and if you hear from Smith on that day, you can be sure it’s not a joke!).

I hope you are admitted, too!  


February 25, 2012

Anonymous said: I have a question, today I received an early write from Smith, but does that mean I have a very high chance of getting a zollman or stride scholarship? I am not entirely sure if you know, but asmithieperspective told me that I should ask

First of all, congratulations!  I can’t really give any definite answers (since I don’t know for sure), but since you were recognized early as a student of promise, it’s certainly possible that you will be among the top group of admitted students who will also qualify for STRIDE and Zollman scholarships.  However, none of this is guaranteed in any way!  CONGRATS!  I hope that you attend Smith!


February 20, 2012
Something funny for you all.  (American Studies major here…)

Something funny for you all. (American Studies major here…)



February 15, 2012


I was really hoping to produce a picture of snow for you all to show you the beauty of New England winter, but the weather has not been very cooperative.  By uncooperative I mean mild and breezy, so I’m not exactly complaining, either.

Here at the Office of Admission things are quiet as all of our Admission Officers are curled up reading applications for the Class of 2016!  

I remember what it was like four years ago — senior spring, waiting to go to college, and feeling my last days of high school slip away…  In fact, right now seems like deja vu — I feel a bit like I’ve got senioritis all over again.  I sense the light at the end of the tunnel.  Last Friday marked 100 days until graduation and Rally Day is a week from tomorrow… woah.  How did that happen?  All I seem to be doing is looking for and applying to jobs, and new things are right around the bend.

I guess what I’m saying, is… I know what you’re going through, high school seniors!  

Here are a few fun things to do bide your time as you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for college letters:

- Your homework (Believe it or not, this is actually still important.  The last thing you want to do is get to college and realize you have forgotten how to write.  Trust me.)

- Movie nights with your friends (You might even take it a step further and make it a DOCUMENTARY night and learn about something amazing.  I like tuning into PBS’s Independent Lens series.)

- Clean your room.  (By clean, I mean purge your living space at home of belongings that you no longer use, want, or care for.  This will help you avoid over-packing for college.)

- Seek out summer opportunities!  (It’s not too early.  Do something new!)

- If you have siblings, spend time with them.

I’ll think about this list and add more later.  If you have any suggestions, please submit them to me via my ask page and I’ll post them.  And remember, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!


February 7, 2012
When Smith sets a new record for most applicants, Smithies eat cake in the Campus Center! 

4334 applicants!
Don’t forget to thank these lovely ladies for the cupcakes! : )

When Smith sets a new record for most applicants, Smithies eat cake in the Campus Center! 


4334 applicants!

Don’t forget to thank these lovely ladies for the cupcakes! : )


Greetings from the spring semester!

January 26, 2012

Hello, readers!  (I hope you’re out there… right?  Or, if you’re stumbling across this blog via the Smith Admission website or elsewhere, welcome!)

Tomorrow is the first day of classes of my last semester at Smith!  It seems like my motto at this point, but time flies.  I’ve been on campus for a couple weeks, getting things in order for the semester, working at the Office of Admission, and attending a writing retreat organized by the Center for Work and Life.  January interterm (or “J-Term,” as we all call it) is one of the best opportunities to take advantage of the whole Smith experience — I’ve been on campus during J-Term for the past three years and really enjoyed the quietness and free moments to go to the gym, sit in the library and read, and sleep in.  (Not to mention, I’ve taken some really great classes, such as “Collecting 101” at the Museum and “Soul Food Cooking.”)

I’m taking a class off campus at Amherst College and they started on Monday, so my “real” first day was a few days ago, but once things pick up on campus here it’ll really feel like the semester has begun.  Lots of Smithies have been slowly returning over the past couple days, and tonight at dinner it seemed like everything had sprung back to life!  Here we go!